Session 4

A matter of lever-age

(Sorry this took so long. I’ll try to get session 5 up too. I’m afraid I may be hazy on a few details here, so please let me know if you spot anything, or go ahead and edit it yourself if so inclined!)

The party decided to explore the hallway of small crypts. The first door had graffiti scrawled next to it in chalk on the wall. It read “Up, then down.” Inside revealed a dark room and an undead skeleton wielding a longsword, wearing black-enameled chainmail. Bhishma and Grainia defeated it handily. The room contained a circle on the floor painted with magical looking symbols. Lennek proclaimed it appeared to be part of an enchantment but not the whole formula. The party left it well alone and –after taking the skeleton’s gear– moved on.

Approaching the next door, our heroes saw a patch of wet slime leading to (or from) the door and ending a few yards away in the hall. Inside the crypt was empty except for a stain of the slime on the floor.

The next door revealed nothing but a small pile of bones on a plain altar. The one after that had writing on the inside of the door which read “Don’t go this way.” and an arrow. which would point west if the door was closed. The following door was sealed so tightly that opening it produces a strong rush of air that would have extinguished a torch or candle. As it was, Skiven’s lantern was shielded from the wind.

The next door revealed a relatively recent corpse (Bhishma estimated less than a month old). The stench was terrible, but the party managed to keep their iron rations down long enough to hook the bodies pack off it. Inside was a small wizard’s spellbook. The group took that for Lannek to translate later.

Lannek and Bhisha moved closer to the end of the hall. There was a door on the left as well as one more on the right. Suddenly movement was seen on the floor near the right doorway. Three long snakes slithered out, with hoods flaring. Cobras! Bhishma pulled out an oil flask and smashed it to the floor in front of the serpents, planning to ignite it as a barrier. As the snakes reared, two of them spat streams of venom at Bhishma. The vile liquid struck his eyes with uncanny accuracy and he found himself blinded!


Backpedaling furiously, Bhishma fumbled away from the snakes. Lannek produced a lit lantern from someplace and hurled it at the oil. It broke open and flames covered the floor. The wizard helped the dwarf retreat toward the others, but Grainia and Skiven were having troubles of their own.

While they were checking back down the hall, Grainia heard the flapping of leathery wings and two batlike shapes came out of the darkness at her. Stirges! The bloodsuckers whirled about her trying to latch on, but her armor was too thick. She and Skiven managed to cut the foul things down.

From back down the hall where they had come from, the group then heard a gibbering laugh and hurried footfalls. Preparing for an attack they saw three cadaverous humans loping towards them: Ghouls!


Despite his impairment, Bhishma was able to present his holy symbol and turn the creatures, causing them to flee. The party debated pursuit, but they still had three vipers behind them to deal with.

Skiven could see the cobras near the edge of the burning oil, which had nearly gone out. He fired an arrow or two at them and wounded one. The snakes were quite unwilling to pursue the fight and slid back into the doorway from which they’d emerged. The thief hurried up to it and spiked the door shut.

Bhishma’s eyes were not improving, so the group opted for the better part of valor and retreated to the surface. Pelric was there and obviously relieved at their return (the young porter obviously did not relish the idea of traveling back across the moor alone). As it was nearly sunset, the party decided they wouldn’t have time to get back to Lychgate and returned instead to their previous campsite near the road.

The next morning, Bhishma used a spell to temporarily abate the venom’s effects on his eyes so he could read his scroll of Neutralize Poison, thus curing his affliction permanently.

Once the group was ready, they went back to the mound with the stairway and descended again to the maze. Retracing their steps they found the “snake door” still tightly closed. The door on the opposite wall opened into a room with two steel doors, several burial alcoves, and a set of three levers. While investigating these, a familiar sound was heard: the ghouls had found them again!

Bottlenecking them in the door, The foul undead things could not reach the whole party and were hacked down by Grainia’s whirling pole axe as their venomous claws scratched futilely at hers and Bhishma’s mail. Once the ghouls were dead, the party returned their attention to the room. A search of the alcoves revealed some platinum coins and ancient jewelry, which raised the party’s spirits a bit. They next decided to ponder the levers on the wall.



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