The Town of Lychgate

The town of Lychgate is home to approximately 5,000 souls. Most (90%+) of the population is human, but there are a few demi-humans as well. The town is named for its proximity to the Barrowmaze, but the people have as little to do with that foul place as possible.

Lychgate is primarily a trading center for surrounding villages and farms. It sees a fair bit of merchant traffic along the trade roads as well. There is a thriving artisan’s district and the town boasts several inns and taverns.

Player characters should be able to find most normal goods and services for sale here. In most cases, selling valuables retrieved from the barrows should be a fairly straightforward case, as there are many traveling merchants willing to trade with the party in addition to the town’s shopkeepers. Selling magical or unusual goods might involve a bit of legwork and bargaining to get the best price.

There is no “magic market” in Lychgate. However, at at any given time there is a chance that some potions or other minor items are being offered up by someone. There are also several temples in town where clerics may offer up magical healing to those who are true to their faith (or make a generous donation). Some faiths are better represented than others, thus having higher level priests attending.

Persons of interest:

  • Master Wyatt: (Human Male) Burgermeister of Lychgate.
  • Goodman Rufus: (Human Male) Innkeeper at the “Crossed Swords”: A popular adventurer’s inn.
  • Borak Gundersson: (Dwarf Male) Smith and armorer. Lychgate’s most popular source of arms.
  • Sister Talia: (Human Female) Priestess of Apollo. Most powerful healer in town.
  • Goodman Gregor: (Half Orc Male) Owner of “The Yard.” A popular service that helps PCs recruit hirelings for adventuring work.
  • Sheriff Horace: (Human Male) Head of city watch and local militia. Chief law enforcement and military man in area.
  • Lareth Vane: (Elf Male) Master bowyer and fletcher, as well as a “leading citizen” of the elven community.
  • Goodwoman Celia: (Halfling Female) Head of merchant’s guild and owner of “Best Goods”: A general store (most standard equipment is available here).
  • Goodman Rufus: (Human Male) Runs the “Nagshead” corral: a stockyard (mounts and mules for sale).
  • Nuknuk Petrichor: (Gnome Male) Lapidary and proprietor of the “Glitterings” jewelry store.

The Town of Lychgate

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