House Rules

Magic Users start with Detect Magic, Read Magic, and two 1st level spell of their choice in their grimoires. They also have enough special inks and materials to transcribe one level’s worth of spells. Illusionists start with Detect Illusion and three 1st level spells of their choice.

Scribing: Spellcasters can create spell scrolls from spells they know or can learn, but it takes one week and 100gp per spell level. It takes the same time and cost to add a spell to a grimoire.

Injury and Healing:

Positive HPs = “Lemme at ‘em!” Ready for action.

0 HP = ”@%#! That hurt!” Staggered. Can’t run, fight, or cast combat spells, but can walk, drink a potion, bind your own wounds (normally), etc.

Negative HP = Cue the tweety birds. Unconscious. PC will die in one turn unless healed by at least one hit point of damage. Any attacks against the unconscious target automatically hit (unless there is some special defense).

-10 HP = RIP. Dead.

Coup de grace: A full round action can be taken against a helpless foe to automatically kill them (cut their throat, etc.). This does not necessarily work against some magical or unusual monsters.

Binding wounds heals 1d2 hp and takes 1d6 rounds. A cleric binding wounds heals 1d4 hp.

Natural healing:

A night’s rest in a dungeon or the wild heals 1hp/level.

A night’s rest in civilization (roof over your head, hot meal, a bed, etc.) heals 3hp/level, with +1hp/day if under competent medical care.

Special Combat Rules:

Aim: Take a full round (no movement, etc.) and gain a +1 to hit (does not count as a +1 vs. magical creatures). For melee or ranged.

Two weapon fighting: +1 to hit with primary weapon.

Two handed weapons: -1 to initiative (unless surprising foe). Roll damage twice and take the better result.

Missile weapons cannot be used if shooter is engaged in melee.

Firing into melee: -4 to hit and a natural 1 hits an adjacent friendly. Most spells (non-touch) cannot be cast if engaged in melee. (DM’s discretion)

Shields: The wielder can sacrifice his shield to negate the damage of one attack, but the shield is destroyed/rendered useless in the process. The player can choose to do this after the damage result is announced. It takes two hands and 1d6 rounds to ready a shield. A new shield cannot be readied while engaged in melee. A PC can carry up to one extra shield on his person (strapped to his back) if encumbrance allows. Magic shields’ bonuses are reduced by one each time they are used this way until they count as a normal shield. The next time they absorb a blow, they are destroyed. This does not work against things like area of effect attacks (e.g. dragon breath) when no attack roll is made.

Big $&@%! d30: Once per session, each player can choose to substitute a d30 for any roll (except for rolling scores or hit points). The d30 must be chosen before making a regular roll, and the result is final.

House Rules

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