Gods and Goddesses

Odin (LG): King of the gods. War and wisdom. FW: Javelin.

Thor (CG): Thunder and Battle. FW: Warhammer.

Apollo (NG): God of music, healing, and the sun. FW: Bow.

Athena (LG): Goddess of wisdom and strategy. FW: Spear.

Ishtar (NG): Goddess of love and fertility. FW: Dagger.

Fingal (N): Sea God. FW: Trident.

Kernos (N): God of the wild and the hunt. FW: Spear.

Demeter (N): Harvest goddess. FW: Sickle.

Loki (CN): Trickster God. FW: Dart.

Tyr (LN): God of Law. FW: Longsword (only if wielded left-handed)

Nergal (NE): Overthrown god of the underworld. FW: Scimitar

Orcus (CE): Demon lord of lycanthropes and undead. FW: Mace

Set: (NE): God of black magic. FW: Staff

Tiamat (LE): Goddess of monsters and the violent ocean. FW: Flail

Vulcan (N): God of smiths and volcanos. FW: Hammer

Non Human Gods

Oberon (N): God of the Elves. FW: Bow.

Moradin (LN): God of the Dwarves. FW: Axe.

Gork (NE): God of the Greenskins. FW: Scimitar.

Gods and Goddesses

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