Session 2

Onwards and Downwards

As evening approached, the party retreated from the moors back toward the road in order to make camp. The night passed without incident and they returned to the barrows early the next morning.

Continuing their circuit around the periphery of the moor, the group explored several more mounds. Breaking into some, leaving others that appeared too much effort to excavate. They found more treasures, including ancient pottery, as well as antique coins and jewelry. There were missed chances at treasure too as an amphora was broken and several bottles of perfume were shattered by rough handling. Some of the dead they encountered were quiet in their repose, others were… restless.

A limping coffer corpse tried to ambush them as they inspected a mound, but proved no match for the party. Likewise a zombie that tried to clutch at them from a sarcophagus as Grania opened the lid.

As they tried to shatter the stone slab blocking their way into a mound, the noise attracted several rough-looking men carrying weapons and digging tools. Tomb robbers worried that someone was getting to the loot before them. The PCs and the looters eyed each other warily, but no blows were exchanged, evidently the party looked too tough for the thieves. Bhishma brokered an agreement to split the territory between the east and west sides of the moor, and the robbers moved off. A bit later Grania Pelric the porter reported hearing shouts from toward the standing stones in the center of the moor, but nothing else came of it.

The last mound investigated revealed an oval chamber with an altar-like slab in the middle. On it rested a gleaming broadsword of archaic design. Six skeletons in rusted armor stood in alcoves around it. As Skiven attempted to pull the sword out of the chamber with a grappling line, the skeletons (unsurprisingly) animated and attacked.


The battle was fierce, but the undead were eventually vanquished. Skiven found a hollow area in the back of an alcove and smashed through it, revealing a narrow set of stone steps winding down. It seemed that the party had found a previously undiscovered way into the dreaded Barrowmaze.



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